3D PRINTING, CNC and Laser, all in one machine


Powerhouse of a Desktop Tool

Interchangeable Nozzles, Toolheads, and Worktables

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer is a powerful and practical platform for innovation, production, and science.

A true desktop workhorse 3D printer, built like a tank with top quality components. Engineered to perform 24/7, the ZMorph VX is designed to deliver high-quality results at all stages of the production process.

WORK AREA: upto 250 x 235 x 165 mm (9.8” x 9.2” x 6.5”)
(toolhead dependent)
RESOLUTION: 50-400 microns


3D printing

ABS and derivatives, PLA and derivatives, PVA, PET, ASA, Nylon, HIPS, Thermochrome, TPU, flex materials.

CNC cutting and engraving

All kinds of wood, polycarbonate, HDPE, acrylic glas, machining wax, modeling board, Dibond-like composites, copper laminates (for PCBs), POM, PVC foam.

Laser cutting

Paper, cardboard, felt, thin gasket materials.

Laser engraving

All kinds of wood, leather, copper laminate (for PCBs).

Thick paste printing

Chocolate, cookie dough, cream cheese, frosting, ceramics.


Weight & Physical DimensionsPrinter with a spool holder 520x500x570 mm

Dimensions of the transport box 600x600x570 mm

Full set weight 28.50 kg
Electrical ParametersAC input 100VAC ~ 4A 50/60Hz, 240VAC ~ 2A 50/60Hz

Maximum Power Consumption 350 W
Temperature ParametersMaximum Printing Temperature (Extruder) 250 °C

Maximum Printing Temperature (Bed) 125 °C

Ambient Operation Temperature 15-30 °C

Storage Temperature 0-35 °C

The Widest Range of Engineering Materials on the Market

3D Printing

  • PLA
  • PET-G
  • Flex Materials
  • Nylon
  • ASA
  • PVA
  • ... and more


Toolheads:Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75, Dual Extruder Toolhead
Layer resolution:0.05 - 0.4 mm
Maximum printing temperature: 250 [°C]250 [°C]
Work area: 235 x 250 x 165 [mm]
Maximum bed temperature: 115 [°C]
Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.2 [mm]
Work area leveling method:Automatic, Manual
Material container:Spool, reel
Material diameter:1.75, 3.00 [mm]
Nozzle diameter: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 [mm]
Support structures: Mechanically and chemically removed - printed with the same material as the model
Connectivity:USB, Ethernet, SD card
Available Materials: PLA, ABS, PET, Nylon, PVA, HIPS, ASA, TPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PC/ABS
Third party materials: Applicable
Work speed: 40 [mm/s]
Travel speed: 120 mm/s

CNC Milling

  • Carbon
  • PVC
  • CCL F4
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • LDPE
  • ... and more


Toolhead: CNC spindle
Spindle max power:300 [W]
Noise: 70 [dB]
Work area leveling method:Manual
Work area: 235 x 250 x 85 [mm]
Work speed:0.1 ~ 20 [mm/s]
Travel speed:120 [mm/s]
Available Materials:ABS, Nylon, HDPE, PTFE, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PVC, HIPS, LDPE, PET, Carbon, CCL FR4, Dibond, TCF, Wood, Wood-like,
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Cardboard, Wax, Modeling board, Styrodur
Tool holding:ER-11 collet

Laser Cutting & Engraving

  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Felt
  • Foamiran
  • EPP
  • EVA Foam
  • ... and more


Laser spot size for 50mm:0.1x0.1 mm
Laser spot size for 80mm:0.1x0.18 mm
Wavelength:450 nm
Laser class:4
Laser power:2.8 [W]
Noise: 40 [dB]
Work area leveling method:Manual
Work area:235x250x85 [mm]
Work speed:15 [mm/s]
Travel speed:120 [mm/s]
Available Materials: Leather, Felt, Laser Foil, Cardboard, Foamiran, Wood fibre, boards, Plywood, Wood, EPP, EVA

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