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SpaceClaim Engineer is the world’s fastest and most innovative 3D direct modeler.

SpaceClaim Engineer, the world’s leading 3D Direct Modeling software that brings powerful yet easy-to-use 3D to all engineers.

SpaceClaim enables you to easily create concepts and prepare 3D designs for digital prototyping, analysis and manufacturing. It is ideal for efficient simulation-driven product design and optimization. You can reuse data without planning and remix geometry from other designs, even those created in CAD systems. You can take a design where it needs to go, regardless of how it was built or the CAD system in which it was created.

SpaceClaim makes it possible for engineers to easily explore their ideas and solve problems in 3D, reuse and quickly edit concept models from any CAD system, and simplify models for analysis in a fraction of the time it used to take with traditional CAD.

Key benefits of SpaceClaim:

• Edit geometry, including large assemblies, fast without being a CAD expert
• Create new concepts and reuse CAD data, including large assemblies, an
order of magnitude faster than before
• Prepare CAD models, even complex parts and assemblies, for simulation
and double CAE productivity
• Let manufacturing teams focus on production rather than wrestling with CAD
• Repair dirty geometry with a push of a button, ensuring that downstream processes run smoothly

Typical Applications of SpaceClaim:

• Concept Modeling
• Bid Modeling
• CAE Model Preparation
• Geometry Editing
• Geometry Repair
• Manufacturing, including:

• Additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping)
• De-featuring and adjusting for NC programming
• Sheet metal manufacturing
• Mould manufacturing
• 3D Solids from 2D Drawings and Images
• Industrial Design
• Jewellery Design

OmniFab, Inc.

OmniFab, Inc.

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